sasap-anti-splashing-toilet-seat anti splash toilet seat

Knowing that it as not been splashed and no one will… This is sasap-anti-splash-toilet-seat, the anti splash toilet seat.

Imagine a toilet seat that always lifts up with the lid. Think about not having to do it over and over again.

A simple idea, but a great hygiene advantage.

From the current distrust of touching the toilet seat to the  certainty of knowing that with sasap-anti-splash-toilet-seat it is always clean and dry.

This is sasap-anti-splash-toilet-seat. The system integrated in the toilet seat hinges always keeps it up, preventing splashes. Lower it if you need to use it. And when finished … it raises automatically again.



Numerous scientific studies point to toilets as a source of contagion of the Coronavirus Covid 19 and many other diseases, like flu, gastroenteritis, hepatitis, etc. They are transmitted by contact and to a large extent by inhalation of aerosols when flushing the toilet.

Physiological remains contains viruses and bacteria, which prevail on the toilet seat and lid. And they are dispersed by aerosols when flushing.

Lift lid and toilet seat to avoid splashing. Lower the seat only to use it. Lower the lid before flushing. Wash your hands after using the toilet.

sasap-anti-splash-toilet-seat lifts the lid for you, and you know it’s clean. Simply close the lid (soft close is included) before flushing.

All our lids are made of antibacterial material to maximize hygiene.

sasap-anti-splash-toilet-seat eliminates the risk of contact and aerosol transmission.