Sasap compatible with the best manufacturers

Sasap is compatible with any toilet seat. Easy to assemble in a couple of minutes in your current toilet, without major needs.

With our exclusive sliding system it is adaptable to all shapes and models, at different distances and mounting positions, achieving a perfect fit with the toilet.

The antibacterial material of the lid and seat maximizes hygiene. We manufacture the hinges in 100% recycled anodized aluminum, reducing the carbon footprint.

Simply replace your current toilet seat with Sasap. Robust, affordable and maintenance free.And of course … the most hygienic.

The beginning of Sasap

The first model was designed for a high-speed train cabin. Pressurized baths have their own complexities, so a unique design was chosen.

The model was patented and presented in the framework of an important public railway tender, as a great hygienic advance, resulting the winner.

Currently in the implementation process.

The excellent reception of Sasap motivated us to extend it to shared-use toilets, and also to homes.